Tell me, what do you think are the greatest problems your country is facing at present? Slow economic development, political instability, unemployment and healthcare are the major issues most of the people in my country are example of introduce yourself in ielts tired of.

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While major political parties should have worked together to help improve our economic conditions, sometimes their actions give me a real doubt whether they are the type of leaders we need for our country!


In my opinion, these are the most burning issues and the greatest problems we have in our country. Do you think things are likely to get better or worse in the future? We hope that the problem we have in our country would be resolved within the next few years. The government and other organisations are working hard to address these issues and we are noticing some signs of progress.

And what has example of introduce yourself in ielts done so far to solve these problems? The government has taken many initiatives for the economic growth of our country. According to the statistics, we are indeed progressing. But I am not convinced by the statistics only. I want to see the result, and I want to feel it around me. The political instability seems like consuming most of our goodwills and energy.

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It is true that some parts of the world are facing more problems due to global warming and other climate changes, but if the world-leaders fail to work together, the entire world will suffer unforeseeable consequences. Rich nations contribute more to degrade nature and have more responsibility and power to bring the nations together to a common platform - to make the world inhabitable for us and for our future generations.

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Education, skill development, foreign investment, job security etc, example of introduce yourself in ielts. The aim of this investment is to create a skilled and educated generation who would lead the economy and the country. Topics: Solving problems Q. How successful would you say these measures have been? These measures are successful to some extent but if I present those in figures and numbers, it would be only a few percentages of the actual progress we expect.

On the positive sides, the government has emphasized on the ICT sector, made the export process easier for businesses, established many training institutes to enhance the skill of the rural people and those are all hopeful signs. Someday definitely we will see the real progresses that we want.

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IELTS Speaking Tips: Introduction & Interview. You can find tips here for IELTS Part 1: The Interview. Look out for more posts coming soon about Parts 2 & 3 of the Speaking section. Firstly, there are some basic things to consider whenever you are thinking about IELTS speaking practice. Speak as much as possible - You’ve got 12 minutes to show how good your speaking is. Example 1 - to introduce: My name is _____, I’m _____ years old. Born and raised in _____(live in _____). Education and/or work. Spouse, kids. Most important to me. General tips for how to do well on the IELTS Speaking Section (4 min) A short example of the warm-up and self-introduction from the British Council (1 min) Another example of section 1 self-introductions from Cambridge University Press (2 min) Tips for the speaking section with some useful information geared to section 1 (4 min).

IELTS Speaking Mock Test 1. From the city centre, both of the destinations would be around 1 and half hour’s journey. Alternatively, you can take a public bus or hire a small car and reach there. The rent/ticket fee of the public transportation is fixed and you do not need to pay any extra charge. Certain dos of IELTS introduction part are: Give relevant information only. Cover all the major points so that the examiner knows that you can introduce yourself well. Maintain perfect fluency as this part will create the first impression in front of examiner and it has to be impressive. Practice the questions ahead of your test. Education, hometown, hobbies and interests, families etc. are the common topics. Example 1 - to introduce: My name is _____, I’m _____ years old. Born and raised in _____(live in _____). Education and/or work. Spouse, kids. Most important to me.

This was an optimistic idea and I have positive impressions about my country. But the greatest obstacle is the hunger for power and our political leaders often create haphazard situations for the sake of power and money. This is the single worst reason that can degrade the situation in the future if the mentality does not change.


For instance, more than three thousand new hospitals are required right now throughout the country whereas only 45 hospitals have been established in the last three years. Is what you are example of introduce yourself in ielts to study likely to be of any use to solve these problems? I am going to finish my graduation in computer science major, example of introduce yourself in ielts, and I am very positive that it would directly or indirectly help eradicate unemployment of many people, contribute to our economic progress - no matter how tiny it might seem, example of introduce yourself in ielts, and help me contribute to the overall progress of our community and country from a broader perspective.

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After finishing my education, I will establish a small software company and hopefully one day it would grow to be a large company where hundreds of employees would work. The ICT sector also helps earn foreign remittance for a country and I would also contribute to building some quality software for our local market. Should countries try to solve the climate change problems together or individually? I believe climate change and its negative consequences are global issues and therefore the whole world should work together to solve it.